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     I've always hated cleaning, so once I had a bit of spare cash, I finally decided to invest in a professional house cleaner and someone I know recommended BowCarpetCleaning. I was so pleased with the result, they now come twice a week and my home looks fantastic.
Greta Teal19/05/2020
     House looks great! The house cleaning price was very fair, and had a great experience! Thanks so much, guys!
Joshua Z.19/09/2019
     After years and years of pet ownership, our living room sofas have been looking a little bit dowdier than they do usually. We also have kids, who like to eat whilst they're watching TV so you can imagine the kind of messes we have to deal with on a regular basis. That's why we called up BowCarpetCleaners to get a quote on our upholstery cleaning, and we were pleasantly surprised at the excellent value for money. We made an appointment, and the cleaner arrived 5 minutes early, and was incredibly friendly. He completed our sofas in record time, and now we know what the original colour of our couches always was! Can't recommend this company enough!
Maya N.04/09/2014
     I swear my apartment was literally sparkling by the time my cleaner had finished her work! It really did seem like that and I so grateful for the wondrous housecleaning done. I went around afterwards and to be honest, with my experience of other companies, it means I usually have to pick up on things or point things out which haven't been done but that wasn't the case with the cleaner that arrived from BowCarpetCleaners. I actually haven't had that same cleaner since but the other ones that have arrived have similarly been brilliant which is why I am taking the time here to leave a review for you. Well done.
     Ever since hiring BowCarpetCleaners, I've noticed how much cleaner my home is and how much more time I've got to focus on everything else. They've come into my home and made a huge difference with their ability to shift any kind of stain without any fuss whatsoever. When it comes to cleaning, I don't think there's anyone I'd rather hire. So if you are looking for some great help when it comes to making sure that your home is clean, then give them a call and see what they can do to help you. Really low price as well.
Christina Howard04/06/2014
     I have had a few cleaning companies come over in my time, but my recent job with BowCarpetCleaners was by far and away the best. They have made me consider having a weekly clean rather than a monthly job like I normally do. Reducing the hours that I need to pay for because they are so quick is a great touch, and I hope to find it comes in handy over the coming months, as I get my house looking great for summer.
Randy Sanders14/05/2014
     I spend a lot of time at work, which means that I cannot clean my home regularly. I have been using BowCarpetCleaners's cleaning services for about 7 months and I could not be more pleased. They come and clean my home on a weekly basis and they do a fantastic job. Each room of the house is cleaned with care and attention to detail. Their prices are low and have remained low since the first day. My sister has started using their services as well and she is as happy as I am. There really is nothing to fault them about and they are very friendly, which makes them great to have around.
Christine F.28/03/2014
     I love having a house cleaner and I don't understand why more people don't bite the bullet and go for it! BowCarpetCleaners is honestly one of the best cleaning companies I've ever hired and I have absolutely no complaints about their services. I can't get enough of this company - they're all really pleasant and really skilled when it comes to cleaning. My house has just never looked this good before and I'm really amazed. I can't tell enough people about this service - they really are lifesavers! Thanks for everything you've done for me and my home!
     As a landlord I honestly cannot underestimate just how much peace of mind having BowCarpetCleaners on hand provides. It is just a fact of being a private landlord that sometimes you get your property returned in an undesirable state, and so when it does happen I give these guys a call. Their end of tenancy cleaning service is affordable, fast and of the highest quality, and on many-an-occasion now they have got me out of a spot of bother with their professional and reliable help. Just a fantastic company who really do get things right.
Mr. Edwards02/12/2013

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